Virtual Facilitation

Groups sizes are capped at 12 delegates per group to ensure that maximum learning take place.

Covid forced business to go online.  It taught us some meetings could be emails, and that some travel was unnecessary.  We also learnt through trial, error and experimentation how to deliver learning experiences on line in a effective, participative and transformational way.

We got such impactful results, that some of our clients still prefer our virtual facilitator-led workshops. 

All our programmes can now be facilitated virtually.  A complete two-day face-to-face programme will consist of 4 x 3-hour facilitated virtual sessions.

The complete Learner Guide is sent to attendees in PDF format prior to the first training session. Attendees also receive a link to a private Zoom room where the sessions are facilitated.

We make use of Zoom breakout rooms and integrate apps like Prezi, Ideazboard, Menti and others to create an interactive learning experience.

How they work

We found that the maximum time a delegate can concentrate in an online environment is three hours.  We divided our programmes into three hour slots.  In order to maximise the interactive nature of our sessions we capped the group at twelve delegates. We use an array of online tools to make sure delegates are engaged, and we keep cameras on throughout the session.

The Advantage of Virtual Training

As remote work and digital collaborations have increased in prevalence, virtual facilitation has become a crucial tool.

Some of the benefits

Other than the obvious benefits that we will list below we found that delegates to our online workshops highlighted more learnings than their face-to-face counterparts.  The reason for this is that when they leave a three hour session, they go back to work, and apply what they learnt straight away.  When they then return to the group, they can ask questions about the application and clarify their understanding.  After four three hour sessions they tend to be apply to apply more of the programme than when they reflect on two full days back-to-back.