Our Client Journey

We follow an inside out approach.

We follow an inside out approach. Our belief is that leaders at every level of the organisation require the ability to: First learn to lead themselves and increase their ability to influence others, then build the ability to tap into the potential of teamwork and finally have true understanding of their business. In each of these four areas we have appropriate interventions at the level of the leadership group we are developing. At executive level we mostly use our Executive Team Coach to develop and guide the team.


In our first meeting we will listen, ask questions and understand your business and the challenges you are facing from a holistic perspective.

During this interaction we do not provide solutions we seek to understand your organisation and the culture.  Of course we will answer your questions and we will keep our responses brief and illuminating.


In this meeting we will demonstrate that we understand your challenges and will show you how we can support you in addressing these challenges. The solution we propose will include your values and strategic initiatives. We would appreciate your feedback at this stage in order to improve our offering even more.


We will brief the managers of the employees we train and ideally would train the managers in Coaching for Individual and Team Growth. The line managers form a critical part of our learning intervention's success and sustainability. They will be coaches as well as the ultimate evaluators of the intervention.


In our sessions we will facilitate learning. Our groups are highly interactive and therefor our maximum delegate count is 15 per session. We focus on delivering interventions that enable adult learning and challenge delegates to question what they think they know. Many of our programs run as multiple modules. This ensures application and practice of skills and allows us to build consecutive training events on the learning of previous events.


Delegates will receive emails from the facilitator reminding them of key learning points and actions they need to take. We give feedback to line managers on perception of delegate growth and if we notice any trends the business needs to be aware of, we flag them with our client.

We also provide managers with a coaching template with some questions to guide them in their task of coaching the employees for application of the training. Before the next module we ask for concise feedback on each delegate in order for us to properly prepare for the next session.

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